Horses in Jannah!:)

18 08 2009
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

SubhanAllah, I came across this while reading from one of Imam Ibn Katheer’s books. Read below and feel your heart fill with happiness and see how you will start yearning even more for Jannah. We ALL want Jannah, but are we all working for it? We must! Brothers and Sisters, let’s be of those who race against each other for Jannah by doing good deeds, by holding fast to the rope of Allah and not letting this temporary life distract us from the better afterlife.

Allah Azza wa Jal says:

“Allah calls to the Home of Peace (i.e. Paradise, by accepting Allah’s religion of Islamic Monotheism and by doing righteous good deeds and abstaining from polytheism and evil deeds).” [Qur’an 10:25]

“And march forth in the way (which leads to) forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for Al-Muttaqun (the pious).” [Surah Ale-Imran: 133]

By the Mercy of Allah, I hope we will be of those who enter Jannah and who are given such blessings and gifts from Allah Subanahu Wa Ta’ala. Now, let us read about one of the delights in Jannah…



The Horses in Jannah
Source: Book of the End-Great Trials and Tribulations by Ibn Katheer (RA)

Sulaimaan ibn Abee Buraidah related from his father that a man asked the Messenger of Allah, Salalahu Alayhi wa Salaam, “O Messenger of Allah, are there horses in Paradise?” He Salalahu Alayhi wa Salaam said: “Verily, when Allah admits you into Paradise, you will not want to be carried in it on a horse, unless you are being carried on a horse made of red rubies; it will fly with you in Paradise to wherever you wish (to go).”(At-Tirmidhee)

He said, “And a man asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah, I am a man who loves horses, so are there horses in Paradise?” The Messenger of Allah Salalahu Alayhi wa Salaam said, “By the One Who has my soul in His Hand, there are horses in Paradise that are Haffaaf Murhafah (thin and light for flying); they travel through the leaves of Paradise, so that those (who ride on them) visit whosoever (and whomsoever) they please.”

‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (ra) said, “In Paradise there are superior horses and noble camels, which the dwellers of Paradise will ride.” (Related by ‘Abdullah ibn Al-Mubaraak)

Jabir ibn Abdullah (ra) related that the Prophet Salalahu Alayhi wa Salaam said, “When the people of Paradise enter Paradise, horses that have wings and that are made of red rubies will come to them. They neither urinate nor drop dung. The dwellers of Paradise will sit on them, and then they will fly with them in Paradise. Then the All-Mighty (Allah) will appear to them, and when they see Him, they will fall down to Him, prostrating. The All-Mighty (Allah) will say to them, ‘Raise your heads, for this day was not a day of work; rather, it is a day of bliss and honor. So they raise their heads and Allah will send down rain of perfume on them. Then they will pass by dunes of musk, and then Allah will send a wind to those dunes, which will be stirred up upon them, until they will return to their wives, and they will be disheveled and dust-covered (not from dunes of dust and sand but from dunes of musk).” (Related by Abu Ash-Shaikh Al-Asbahaanee)

‘Alee (ra) related that he heard the Messenger of Alllah Salalahu Alayhi wa Salaam say, “Verily, in Paradise there is a tree; from its top and its bottom horses made of gold come out, horses that are saddled and bridled with pearls and rubies. They neither urinate nor drop manure. They have wings, and one stride of theirs is like the distance they can see before them. The dwellers of Paradise will ride them, and will fly on them to wherever they please (to go). Those below them in ranking will say, ‘By dint of what did your slaves reach all of this honor?” He will say to them, ‘They would pray in the night, while you were sleeping; they would fast, while you were eating; they would spend (in charity), while you were being stingy; they would fight (in the way of Allah), while you were being afraid.” (Related by Ibn Abee Ad-Dunyaaa)




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18 08 2009

Baarak Allahu Feek wa Jazak Allahu Khair.
Wassalama Alaykum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatu

20 06 2017


20 06 2017

Thx for all this words ( Jazak Allahu Khair)

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