Blog Update

25 09 2009


Blog Update

Insha’Allah we will stop updating the blog until next Ramadan. The reason for this is that the blog is more focused on Ramadan alone. So when the next Ramadan arrives, insha’Allah we live to see it, we will continue posting on the blog. For now, we will keep the facebook fan page and twitter running. The facebook fan page will have a daily schedule in place and will cover such topics like Aqeedah, Youth, Reverts, etc.  Please become a fan and stay up to date and benefit from the posts. 🙂

JazaakAllah Khair.

And may Allah make this task easy for us, ameen ya Rabb

Please stay tuned and please keep up with the posts on Facebook. Read and reflect over them but most importantly try to implement them to the best of your ability. This is a reminder to ourselves first!

BarakAllahu feekum

Wa’Salaamu Alaiakum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

-Ramadan Reminders-* Team

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